Fall 2020 Semester Summary

Our inaugural semester was from October to November 2020. For information on the classes which were taught, see the Fall 2020 Curriculum page.


Enrollment: 193 students from 54 schools

Areas: San Francisco Bay Area


Fall 2020 TA's

We would like to thank Aimon Benfield-Chand, Brandon Ferguson, Darach Miller, Nan Zhong, Rajesh Razdan, Shaughnessy Brown, and Vega Shah for their time, feedback, effort, and encouragement as teaching assistants during OpenBrackets' first semester.

Fall 2020 Guest Speakers

We would like to thank Nan Zhong, Oumar Willane, Rajesh Razdan, and Wei Li for sharing their experiences in the industry with students and being Guest Speakers during our first semester.

OpenBrackets Logo

We would like to thank Sam Mutz for creating the OpenBrackets logo as seen on our website.