Spring 2021: Beginner Python Game Building

The Beginner Python Game Building course is for students who are new to programming and/or are new to the Python programming language. There are no prerequisites to this course, and everybody is welcome. In order to be able to complete the course, students will need an internet connection, a device capable of running Zoom, and a computer that can access https://replit.com/. This course is taught online by the OpenBrackets teachers.

Lesson 1: Intro to Python

Week 1 Day 1 | Slides

Students will learn what a computer programming language is, why learning Python is worthwhile, and touch upon basic syntax in Python. Print statements, math operations, variables, and types will all be covered in this lesson. By the end of Lesson 1, students will be able to print a random number.

Lesson 2: Conditionals and Logic

Week 1 Day 2 | Slides

Students will learn about if statements, else statements, and elif statements. They will also learn the meaning of "and" and "or" in computer logic. By the end of Lesson 2, students will have a completed Rock, Paper, Scissors game.

Lesson 3: Loops

Week 2 Day 1 | Slides

Students will learn about for and while loops and the logic behind both. They will practice using both in applicable settings, and by the end of Lesson 3, will have a complete Random Number Guessing game that they can play against the computer.

Lesson 4: Methods and Classes

Week 2 Day 2 | Slides

Students will learn about the anatomy of methods and classes, and practice writing their own examples of each. They will learn what parameters and method calls are, and by the end of Lesson 4, they will have a completed MadLib Generator.

Lesson 5: Lists

Week 3 Day 1 | Slides

Students will learn about lists in Python, as well as their applications. To see a real application of lists, as well as the methods that can be performed on lists, students will practice making grocery lists.

Lesson 6: 2D Lists and Dictionaries

Week 3 Day 2 | Slides

Students will learn how 2D lists and dictionaries can be utilized in Python. By the end of Lesson 6, they will have a solid foundation in lists, traversing lists, and dictionaries. They will also try storing car data in a dictionary.

Final Project

Weeks 4 and 5 | Slides

After students have progressed through the first 6 lessons, they will be guided through creating their own game: Treasure Hunter. In this game, players must find 3 gold nuggets on a 5 by 5 grid before their turns are up. This project utilizes a little bit of every lesson, and will allow students to walk away with a concrete game they created themselves.