Spring 2021 Semester Summary

Our Spring 2021 semester was from March to April 2021. We offered Beginner Python Game Building and Intermediate Python Game Building.


Enrollment: 119 students from 70 schools

Areas: San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle


Spring 2021 Teachers and TAs

We would like to thank Aidan Goeschel, Aimon Benfield-Chand, Alina Li, Andrew Li, Antonio Franco Laureano, Ashley Teofilo, Joseph Barrows, Katie Cheng, Rohan Kumar, Sean Ozinsky, Serena Li, Seth Johnson, Stanley Zhong, Thomas McGall, and Trisha Razdan for their time, feedback, effort, and encouragement as teachers and teaching assistants during OpenBrackets' Spring '21 semester.

Spring 2021 Guest Speakers

We would like to thank Tyler McGoffin for sharing their experiences in the industry with students and being a Guest Speaker during our Spring '21 semester.