Spring 2021: Intermediate Python Game Building

The Intermediate Python Game Building course is for students who have some experience with programming in Python. It is highly recommended that students take the Beginner Python Game Building class before this one. In order to be able to complete the course, students will need an internet connection, a device capable of running Zoom, and a computer that can access https://replit.com/. This course is taught online by the OpenBrackets teachers.

Lesson 1: Intro to Python Review Part 1

Week 1 Day 1 | Slides

To refresh the skills learned in the Intro to Python class, students will review and practice each topic. The first day of the review will cover printing, libraries, variables, input, types, and conditionals.

Lesson 2: Intro to Python Review Part 2

Week 1 Day 2 | Slides

This will be the second part of the Intro to Python review. It will cover the remaining topics, including loops, functions, lists, 2D lists, and dictionaries.

Lesson 3: Graphics

Week 2 Day 1 | Slides

Students will be introduced to the Turtle graphics library in Python. We'll start by drawing basic shapes and designs using the goto method. Students will also learn how to customize their pen color and shape.

Lesson 4: Turtle Race Part 1

Week 2 Day 2 | Slides

This lesson will introduce another way to draw with the turtle library. Then, to help students familiarize themselves with the Turtle Graphics library, we will build a game called Turtle Race. In Turtle Race, students will animate multiple turtles racing to a finish line, and then display the winner. This project will be finished in the next class.

Lesson 5: Turtle Race Part 2

Week 3 Day 1 | Slides

Students will finish the Turtle Race game that they started in the previous lesson.

Final Project: Block Collector

Week 3 Day 2 - Week 6 | Slides

Students will create a game called Block Collector. In Block Collector, a player moves a block around their screen and tries to collect other blocks to increase their score. Students who want an extra challenge can implement additional features, like game restarts, a high score, and a timer. This will be the capstone project for the course.